After this past Covid-crazy year, now more than ever, we believe that having more of our economy organized around shorter, more sustainable, resilient, regional supply chains is a really good idea.

With that in mind, we've been working with Patchwork Alliance to come up with a plan for launching our expo--a showcase and marketplace for great goods sustainably made and grown in central and southern Appalachia.

Patchwork is a cooperatively owned enterprise that connects regional makers and growers with buyers who value community-owned agriculture, local economy, and cultural diversity. Their mission is such a good match for Appalachia Naturally, that it makes sense for the expo to become a Patchwork Alliance project.

However, right now, Patchwork's main focus is on their growing online marketplace, which is poised for exponential growth in the months ahead. With all that on their plate, launching a big expo--during a pandemic--is too far a reach for 2021.

Patchwork Alliance

That's the sad news. The GREAT news is that you don't have to wait for an expo to connect with a great market for regional goods: Patchwork's online marketplace is open for business right now. All makers and growers interested in our expo should check out Patchwork Alliance's website and get in touch with for info about offering your goods for sale through their online marketplace.

And ALL of us who live in and near Asheville can enjoy a great and growing array of regional goods by shopping at Patchwork Alliance's online marketplace. Check out what they have to offer here--and check back in the weeks ahead as more producers sign up and spring brings more of the fabulous variety of good things that grow in our region. To sign up for Patchwork's weekly newsletter, please click here.

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